Off to see Allen Webster

Round 18 of the 2008 MLB draft. Dodgers select Allen Webster. They tell him they’ll give him $20,000 to forgo Community College but he won’t be a shortstop, he’ll become a pitcher. Webster signs immediately.

Fast forward to 2012 … Cherrington calls up Ned Colletti and works his magic. The Sox trade Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, Nick Punto and their gigantic contracts to the Dodgers. Colletti is in a generous mood and throws in James Loney, Ivan DeJesus, Jr., Rubby De LaRosa and Allen Webster.

At that point in time, Webster had done this in the minors:

  • 2008 – Rookie League – 18 IP, 1-1, 3.44 ERA, 6.4 SO/9
  • 2009 – Rookie League – 68 IP, 4-1, 2.36 ERA, 10.1 SO/9
  • 2010 – Class A – 131 IP, 12-9, 2.88 ERA, 7.8 SO/9
  • 2011 – Class A+ and AA, 91 IP, 6-3, 5.04 ERA, 8.4 SO/9
  • 2012 – Class AA (mostly Dodgers), 130 IP, 6-9, 3.86 ERA, 8.9 SO/9

Thank you Dodgers. Increasing strikeout rate while learning to pitch. Not a bad progression. Let us give Ben Cherrington some credit here. He snatched a good one away from the Dodgers (and this doesn’t even touch on the acquisition of DeLaRosa) while dumping a crapload of salary.

So far at Pawtucket, Webster has tossed 20 innings of 2.70 ERA with a strikeout rate of 11.7 per 9. I love this guy and predict he will take over for Doubront in the rotation. Doubront will go to the bullpen and if he can learn to throw strikes in short stints could make a big impact on the Sox bullpen. Allen Webster should be here to stay.


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