Sox bash Astros into submission

The Davids (Ross (2) and Ortiz (1)) cranked out three homers and Will Middlebrooks added another to lead the Sox to a 7-3 win over the hapless Astros. This was Ross’ eleventh two homer game in his career. I was surprised to find that Ross ranks 21st among catchers in multi-homer games. To put this in perspective, Jason Varitek also had 11 such games but did it in 5,839 plate appearances.  Ross did it in exactly 2,000 plate appearances. Only twice in his eleven year career has Ross had more then 200 plate appearances in a season. Perhaps, he should get more playing time. Just to round things out, the top three multi homer catchers are:

  1. Mike Piazza (35 in 7,745 PA)
  2. Gary Carter (27 in 9,019 PA)
  3. Carlton Fisk (23 in 9,853 PA)

If Ross had as many plate appearances as Carlton Fisk and had multi homer games on a similar pace as his first 2,000 plate appearances, he’d have about 48 multi homer games. Wow. When he plays, he cranks.

The Sox are now 16-7, which is tied for the fourth best start ever over the team’s first twenty-three games. The top 3 starts:

  1. 1946 Red Sox 20-3
  2. 1904 Red Sox 18-5
  3. 1998 and 1940 Red Sox 17-6

What a difference a year makes. Last year’s team started 11-12.


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