The streak ends …

You probably think I am talking about the Sox seven game win streak. Nope. I am talking about my win streak at home Sox games. Until the first game of the Sox-Royals double header, I had been to five other games with my best friend, Marc. We were 5-0 until yesterday afternoon. The Sox beat the Orioles on April 8th, swept the Rays on April 13, 14 and 15 and then beat the Royals on April 20 (the first home game after the Marathon bombing). We were feeling good and pushed our luck with another male bonding game yesterday, April 21. Ervin Santana and a crew of Royals’ relievers though had other things in mind and ended our streak with a 4-2 victory in the front end of a day night double header. Marc and I were disappointed but knew it couldn’t last forever. It was weird  to walk home after a loss.

Observations from the Rays Series:

  • Apart from Desmond Jennings, Evan Longoria, Ben Zobrist and Matt Joyce, the Rays lineup is pathetic and will struggle to score runs. I don’t know why a pitcher would give Longoria anything decent to hit.
  • Jake McGee came in for a relief appearance on Aprll 15 and threw 27 straight fastballs; not one registerd slower then 97 on the stadium radar gun. The guy brings the heat. I don’t think anyone at the plate was thinking “Maybe he’ll throw his slider.” Talk about not messing around.  Here comes the fast ball. I dare you to hit it.
  • The Sox outfield defense is pretty special when JBJ, Ellsbury and Victorino are out there. When JBJ gets sent back down we will see more of Nava and Gomes. Nava isn’t bad, but Gomes is scary out there.
  • JBJ has a good idea of the strike zone. His problem is that he just can’t hit pitches in the strike zone. He needs some AAA work, particularly learning how to hit good breaking stuff.
  • Middlebrooks’ three home run game does not signal a coming out party. He looks overwhelmed at the plate. Swinging at too many pitches low and out of the strike zone.
  • Watching a no-no in person is a blast. After the second inning, I thought that Buchholz had amazing stuff and the day could be a special one for him. It was … until the 8th when Elliot Johnson broke up the no-no bid with a broken bat single. It was a disappointing end. After the game, Marc said he thought the same thing about Clay’s stuff early on. It is weird how you can see when someone is really on.
  • Why are there so many baseball fans who know nothing about the game? During Buchholz’s no hit bid, one guy behind us in the fourth inning said to his girlfriend, “Hey, Buchholz is throwing a no hitter.” Doesn’t he know that’s forbidden? Butthead.
  • Further on the topic of stupid fans, the same girlfriend said to her boyfriend in the first inning “Where is the Green Monster thing?” Seriously? Uh, look to your left moron.

I’m not going to talk about the Marathon bombing. Enough ink and television time has been spent on the topic. I will say that the term “television journalist” is an oxymoron.

I’m just relieved the whole thing is over. I know it may never be over for the victims, but at least we don’t have to spend much more time thinking about the deeply flawed bombers and if they will do any more damage. There will be other crazies, but these particular crazies are done.


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