Of Homers and Strikeouts ….

Of Homers ….

Of all the pitchers the Royals could have acquired this off season, why in the world did they choose to trade for Ervin Santana? Because he was available?

Last year Santana gave up a league high 39 home runs. Through five innings today he’s given up a solo shot to Adam Dunn, a solo shot to Tyler Flowers, and a two run homer to Dayan Viciedo. He’s struck out seven but clearly he has not overcome his love of the meatball. I’m sure the Royals had high hopes based on his spring stats – only two dingers allowed in 23 IP – but history shows that Santana is going to give up home runs.

In fact, he gives them up at a record pace. Here are the top four meatball artists who have given up more then 200 HRs in fewer then 1500 IP.

Ramon Ortiz 228
Ervin Santana 203
James Baldwin 203
Rodrigo Lopez 202

My neck hurts thinking of this crew. By the end of 2013, Santana will be wearing a neck brace.

Of Strikeouts …

The Astros are also taking on the Rangers this afternoon. With 10 team strikeouts through seven innings, the Astros have joined elite company. They are now the fifth team in history to start the season with 10 or more strikeouts in each of its first three games. If they strikeout 10 or more times in their next game they will hold the record to start the season. They also have 37 K’s through only two and a half games. That is the most of any of the teams with 10 or more strikeouts. Yikes.

The 2010 Arizona Diamondbacks set the record for the most number of 10 or greater strikeout games by hitters with 73. Second place was the 2012 A’s with 59. The 2012 Astro’s were tied for third with 56 such games. Seems like the Astro’s have the pedigree to go for the record!

The single season team strikeout record is held by the 2010 Diamondbacks with 1529, topping the second place 2001 Brewers total of 1399. Those 2010 Diamondbacks started that record season with 8 strikeouts in each of their first three games for a total of 24. The 2013 Astros have a comfortable lead with 37 strikeouts through seven innings in their third game. It’s a race! (Update – Game completed, Astro’s with 15Ks and a total of 43 in 3 games).


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